Stupidly awesome spending sprees

Oh boy. The post-breakup comfort buys. (Late-night online) frustration shopping. Most might call it retail therapy. 

How it depletes one’s funds and savings. How it brings superficial, short-lived, great, great joy. 

Luckily enough, wikipedia assures me that retail therapy is not going to last:

Often seen in people during periods of depression or transition, it is normally a short-lived habit.

With that in mind, it’s sort of amusing to see just how I spent all my hard-earned cash post-breakup: 


And just so you can see what these lovely little things look like:


Note: For this data set, I looked at my bank statements, Paypal account info and receipts. It’s astonishing just how much I rely on plastic and logins to make payments. Astonishing. And perhaps just a wee bit scary. 

After transferring the data from PDFs to a spreadsheet, I formatted it into columns, cleaned it up a little and then started parsing it into categories like bills, food, leisure, entertainment, etc. Graphed above is pretty much everything that is not a work or living expense. Pretty ridiculous how much money I’ve wasted. But rest assured my spending has gone done a lot in recent weeks (as have my savings).